Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rhetoric used in the Women's March

In the last few months there have been numerous different protests around the United States to raise awareness and make change. Peaceful protest is a great way to exercise your right as a citizen to help in a change you want to see. On January 21st thousands of women marched in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This was a part of the globally known Women’s March. The organizers and activists were hoping that this would promote enthusiasm toward a change. One lady from the St. Paul marched stated that she thought this was just the beginning and more is to come.

The Women’s March stands for something extremely important today in society. All people deserve equal rights regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and it’s great to see people marching to inspire a change. One thing that I really respect about the women’s march is how they only try to persuade and not coerce. These women used chants, signs, speeches, and marching to bring awareness and that is extremely commendable that peaceful protest was only used in these marches. As a society I think we have made great strides in allowing people their freedom to speak their mind. I don’t really think there are that many people against the movement and it means a lot that they aren’t getting negative feedback with what they’re doing. I haven’t seen any accounts of coercion throughout the marches.

They are using argument by the speeches and rallies attracting thousands of people. The argument they use is also one that is honestly hard to go against. How do you tell women that you don’t think they deserve every opportunity a man does? I think this is becoming a societal norm more and more every day. Character being shown throughout this is the real reason I think change will come. Passion and dedication are the tactics being used, not hate or destruction and that’s why I support the Women’s March. The emotion that the people marching are showing is truly inspiring. Like I said, hatred is one of the worst ways to bring a change and using emotion to bring about that change makes all the difference. I commend everyone marching and the rhetoric being used to bring that change.

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