Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Blue Lives Matter

The Blue Lives Matter movement is a response to all the acts of violence towards police officers over the course of the past few years. It is a movement that seeks to honor and acknowledge the efforts of law enforcement and provide support for them and their families. They try to obtain a stronger backing of public support in order to provide resources that are much needed for many families whose members proudly represent the color blue.

In order to receive the encouragement of others, people involved in this movement use pathos as their strategy for persuasion. This can be seen on posters during peaceful protests, many of which include a thick blue line that corresponds to the blue lives matter flag. The flag reads at the top "Duty. Honor. Courage." with the American flag underneath with a single blue line acting as one of the stripes. The bottom reading "Blue Lives Matter". This is a very powerful flag that represents the toughness it requires to be involved in law enforcement. The flag is useful in trying to persuade the intended audience rather than coerce them because the flag is not acting as a form of propaganda, but acting as an informative symbol of what it means to be a policeman.

After the Dallas shooting in July of 2016, is when the Blue Lives Matter movement gained all of its momentum. Much of this comes from the fact that it occurred during a Black Lives Matter protest when Micah Johnson opened fire, police as his target. I was in Dallas on this unforgettable night, and the thing I remember most is the terrified look on all law enforcement faces. I remember the speeches about the men who had fallen and the incredible strength and courage it took for many others wearing blue to find the man who was killing their own. Due to the speeches that were given and the many interviews of other policeman, provided a lot of pathos for me to become a supporter of the movement. Most of the reason being the personalized stories coming from the victims' families and friends, and the strength it takes to put ones life on the line every day, strength that it takes only a remarkable individual to possess.

This movement allows its audience to formulate their own opinions, but uses the raw emotions from a historic night like the Dallas shooting, to persuade individuals to see their side and show their appreciation towards some of the people we count on the most.

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