Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Why Blog Posts Can change Your Life

Hello and Crikey!

Jonathan Rowe reporting from you not live with my first ever blog post. I have been wanting to get into blogging for 3 reasons:

1. Missed out being a millionaire by giving free makeup tutorials on YouTube

2. Outlets are much harder to facilitate while going to college and working part-time

3. Insert your own Assumed reason here based of the offhand writing voice and absolute bull$%$% you've read so far.

(BTW just learned I couldn't use tab on this blog. Bugger)

All Joking aside I do want to take this blog seriously and discover the ways we can blog, as it could just change your life.

Build voice, get feedback and be real.

The obvious reason to blog is practicing your voice.

 A voice is a tone you use to cater thoughts to your audience. Being the world is our Agora, we are always speaking to an audience and to three-fourths of us that is a scary thing. 75% of people in america have some discomfort when speaking.

But blogging is online?

This is true. Reviewing your thoughts and forming thoughts can only benefit you. It's not like your experience is also stored in the cloud.

Feedback, feedback and more feedback.

Its open mic night every minute of everyday here at blogger and someone is always up reading blogs. This means you are exposed to the masses. O yeah, and "ugly ass trolls" - Jennifer Rome.

This might be scary at first but it's ok. Most people are good and want to help you in your pursuit to make millions . if you do attract a troll report, re-post and relax. Sh!# happens.

Getting feedback on things and going in with an open mind, can really let you grow as a person and after maybe a year of posting you can look back at your old posts and realize how much smarter your, granted you are posting relevant, researched things instead of gibberish about more cat videos.

Reality is humbling

If you practice your voice, take feedback with grain of salt, you can almost guarantee that you will have found a real channel and platform to speak from. Even though Donald Trump is Donald Trump, he won. As how every other president and with worse odds then other winner to date. He uses Twitter. This is like a quick blog and a step to millions and it gets the attention it gets.

Donald is by no means humble, for the record.

BUT it does go to show you that a blog with 160 characters or one that is just a page to meet your COMM 250 classes requirements, can help you in finding your voice, make you realize things about yourself you didn't realize and after all that create confidence. Who couldn't use a little more confidence?

That was my conclusion and anxiously waiting feedback (probably won't get any)
Thanks and remember to #supermanthatethos

Jonathan Rowe.Out.

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