Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A March As One

A day after the inauguration of now President Donald Trump, women all over stood in unison. From cities to small towns; men, women, and children came in support. Ever since it was clear that Trump was going to be the 45th president, protests all over the country have been happening. With some even becoming violent and verbally abusive, the women march really made a statement without putting a hand on one another. Celebrities and normal people alike came to speak and give their voice for hope of an unknown future. Though the movement seemed to focus attention on politics and how they affect our everyday lives, the women marches stand for more than that. They talk about many different issues, many of which some important Republicans disagree with. Such as climate, reproductive issues, and rights of lgbtq+.

Plato may not have believed in rhetoric or the ideas of the sophists, but I think that even he would have appreciated the site that day. People were coming together in a way that almost reminds me of the agora, where people were coming to listen and do things together. They were speaking truth and people were listening, even if it was a sort of persuasion.

One integral part of the march was the range of people who marched and listened. It wasn’t just one race or group of people, it was everyone. It was people of color, religious, economic, gender, sexuality, and even personal difference. The day wasn’t about being different, it was coming together as one and letting love be more powerful than hate. No matter your stance on politics, everyone can agree that we should all love each other, and not let hate change who we are.

With such large turnouts all over the country, it was amazing that there were no arrests. But, with everyone’s emotions being focused on peace and a common understanding, it just helped fuel the movement. In fact, it is quite possible that the nonviolent movement only had the impact it did because it was so organized. With no distractions, all the effort was put into coming together and doing what they all came here for.

This march would not have had the same turnout if it was not for technology and social media being as prevalent as it is today. In class we discussed how it is much harder for something to get out attention with the abundance of information made available. But, around the world, the women’s march was everywhere and something that nobody could hide from. Whether on Facebook asking if you were attending one near you, seeing it trending on twitter, or even someone’s snap story of them marching with their friends; everyone was giving it attention.


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