Monday, February 27, 2017

Three Men Make a Tiger Fallacy

I agree that the “ Three Men Make a Tiger” fallacy is totally relevant in our life, and it is full of gossip and news that never happened. This fallacy is about a story about Pang Cong who went to ask the king if he would believe him if he told the king that there is a free tiger wondering the streets. The king said that he would not believe him. Then, Pang Cong asked the king that is there was three men told him that there is a free tiger wondering the streets, the king said yes. This story is based on a Chinese idiom. In today’s world, people are faking much news, especially in the social media and it is increasing everyday. If we heard a news and we believed it, other people will believe it too even if it was fake. 
            In my opinion, I have heard much news and believed it just because people told me that the news was true. A real life example that happened to me is when I received a message in an application with a link and saying that if you updated the app through the link, we would get more features, while it is a scam to hack the smart phones.
            Another example of faking news is when people used to say that 2012 is going to be the end of the world, and many people actually believed that 2012 is going to be the end of the world. Saying that there is a shooting star is going to hit the earth and destroy it. And said that the Maya tribe predicted that. And actually the movie that is called “2012” is based on this fake news.

In conclusion, people should not just publish news without knowing that the news in 100% is true. And there are ways to make sure that the news are true, there are suppose to be facts. Facts are a major element of supporting the argument that the person is trying to tell, and could convince the other side with facts. Also, people are not suppose to believe everything that they receive, they should check for reliable source before spreading the news.


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