Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Mike Riley Superman

Rhetoric, Media & Civic Life:    Robert Rebuffatti

Mike Riley, Nebraska's sometimes criticized Head Coach, yet, still revolutionary coach for more or less (since 2014) should be praised for his out of state drafting capabilities in recent months. 

Coach Riley has been in close contact with the west coast football stars of this season. He is keeping tabs on certain players and thus far, has three California football teammates. As he puts it himself #Calibraska.

He states that it is a movement, as he rushes to possibly gain more out of state members. Coach Riley’s moment reaches beyond the football team however and the plays they run. His social media presence is an important weapon or information guide as far as college football is concerned. 

The specifics of this tweet by the head coach himself are indicative of crowd sourcing fans and their attention. The tweet obviously has an outstanding impression on social media, and reachers a broader audience then previous tweets of his.

In the words of Castells, “communication is the process of sharing meaning through the exchange of information” Castells is offering us a view point of the powers of communication that can be geared towards todays digital, informational culture. 
Mike Riley influences a football culture and shares knowledge of the up coming season in order to recruit fans, players, and a pool of a new audience. 

He serves as a programmer in this situation where his verified twitter account is the main network the Husker Football lives on. 

 The hashtag #Calibraska spreads awareness  
and an even deeper platform for Husker fans 
to participate on. This allows your average 
Joe that just simply requires a smart phone
and a twitter account to discuss scores, talk 
game day trash, and post pictures of 
game day events such as tailgates. McLuhan
puts it in simple terms, “Anyone can participate 
with technology and open innovation training 
when many minds are working on the same problem, it will take less time to solve it.” 

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