Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Two Saturdays ago, women of all ages came together across the world for a Women's March. The Women's March in Lincoln was predicted to have 4000 some people, where they marched between the University and the Capital building. Talk about a movement! The feminist movement and women rights have been the talk of the century, especially ever since of the new President of the United States has come into office and has done countless arguable acts that is arguably foreseen to go against women, and let me tell you, people are not happy. 
Starting with our President, one of Trump's first executive orders was the controversial act to ban abortions and to defund planned parenthood. Women around the world protested, making signs like "not my President" and "The Future is Nasty". Long story short, people were not happy. Actually they were pissed, more than pissed. The Feminist movement has blown up ever since. Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and even Beyonce are big supporters in the women's movement and has helped the world to view women as strong, independent human beings who are to be viewed and paid the same as man. 
These three very influential women have used rhetoric in a way, through the media as well, in order to persuade many others why this is such in important issue and why people should join them in changing the world for women. Beyonce has produced numerous songs about women strengths and is looked up to by many women around the world. What she says and what she does is very influential to many women, and therefore, when she becomes part of the feminist movement and goes out of her way to voice her opinions on feminism and women's rights, her fans and followers are also influenced to feel this way. For example, Beyonce does not need to MAKE her audience to see her views, she simply states what she believes and her viewers are influenced and does with the information as they will, with a strong influence from her. She does not have to coerce them.
Emotion is a huge aspect of the Women's Movement in the United States. Tears, sweat, signs, and time are just some of the many things that are put into the effort of this movement. Almost every other time I open up my Facebook app, I see some kind of quote, picture, or video of women protesting for them to keep their rights and how they demand to be equal. From these pictures, many emotions stir, with hundreds of thousands of likes, shares, and comments. The word is definitely spreading and lets just say, things are not how they used to be, which is definitely a great thing. 

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