Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Stand with Planned Parenthood is a social movement that has recently gained a lot of attention. The main goal is to keep Planned Parenthood up and running so it can provide services to women all over the nation. They are pushing back against the politicians that would "defund" this organization.

Those who stand with Planned Parenthood are very proactive and the message the are sending to the nation is calling other to take a stand with them. Persuasion and rhetoric is seen in their movement as their means to grow their movement as a whole. Educating the public about their services and the effects of their services is a major part of the movement. There are many misconceptions floating around about what it is Planned Parenthood actually does. It is their goal to make sure the general public is aware and educated about all that they do.

They effectively use logic to create an argument for themselves. Statistics, numbers and facts are used to prove what they have accomplished in the past and are currently accomplishing. Their website contains many helpful graphics depicting these numbers, making it visual and easier to see for anyone that trying to learn more about the organization. Instead of stating "everyone is on our side because we are the best" they use surveys and polls to show the amount of support they receive. One poll explains that the majority of the public is in favor of Planned Parenthood receiving government funding. Links to articles and pages that elaborate what Planned Parenthood is can be seen all over their website and shared on their social media accounts.

 Credibilities can be found all over this entire movement. For example there is a surplus of resources that provide accurate information of the Planned Parenthood and its movement. Many people that the public recognize have expressed their support. Chrissy Teigen is a fine example of this kind of support. She tweeted about her support and plans to donate, immediately following the fatal shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado. Many other public figures have taken to social media in order to voice their support and encourage their followers/fans to do the same. Some examples include Lena Dunham, Kerry Washington, and Kathy Griffin. This kind of exposure proves that Stand With Planned Parenthood is a movement that can effect many, many people. Planned Parenthood didn't force these celebs to publicly show their support, they did so on their own because of their own personal reasons. Reasons which many other Americans feel, share and or can relate to.

One tool that this social movement uses often and effectively is the use of emotion and pathos. They use the telling of stories and ability to empathize with them or even the ability to rally large groups of people to empathize with them to send a powerful message. There is a link to a page strictly designated to read people's stories on a number of topics ranging from sexual education, cancer screenings and prenatal care. People have the opportunity to read these stories and here from real people how Planned Parenthood affected their lives. People can also share any stories they have had. After they have been moved by hundreds of personal stories they are encouraged to take action.

Getting people's attention is something that this movement succeeds at. They put their message out there and it circulates far and wide. This is a movement that excels at maintaining people's attention and that is vital to an effective social movement. They use rhetoric as a means to gain thousands of supporters across the nation to accomplish what they need to. This is what rhetoric can do for a social movement.

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