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We'd still be living in "Stone Age" without Media

We'd still be living in "Stone Age" without Media

Role of media.
The definition of media in is the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely.

How media is formed.
There are different kinds of media, as mentioned above. Newspaper is a form of media for spreading information, according to The Seattle Time," The purpose of the newspaper has always been to keep people informed of events around the world as well as those in our backyard. “ and then there is radio, a form of media used for wars, spreading informations in local areas/national wide, and are now mostly used in cars for music/entertain/commercial purposes. TV was first created when Charles Francis Jenkins believed everyone should have the chance to have a television and watch a movie, or theatre at that time, at home. Then a revolutionary machine called computer is designed, and it brought media to a new phase which is called social media. It began with myspace, and then Facebook took over the trend.

How powerful is media.
All forms of media is very powerful, magazine can reach tenth of thousand people in a short amount of time, newspapers are capable of reaching millions of people daily, television on another hand reaches tenth of millions of people, and then there comes social media, reaches hundreds of millions at once. Average americans spends over 4 hours on television, and 1.5 hours on social media on their phone. Now that the methods of spreading information have gigantically increased and the numbers of people reached by the information through new media form has multiplied by thousands.

So the point I give all the information and back ground for medias is because what media can bring to the society is humongous.

How business can use media for commercial purposes.
After advertisement was created, businessmen has constantly trying to find new ways to advertise for their business. Yet, medias (TV, Newspaper, radio) have been one of the biggest form of advertising, due to it’s power and ability to reach millions of people at once, but as always it has been too expansive for small businesses to use. Then a miracle happened, as mentioned above, computer. After the creation of computer, Google ads, youtube ads, Facebook ads, etc social media advertisement form emerged, which provided all the businessmen a affordable, more powerful way to advertise. With the increasing number of small businesses and an affordable method of advertising, comes the next point I want to make, 

It brings progress to this world.
How would simply a form of information spreading, a form of communication change the world? Easy. It increases the number of small businesses. Progress has always came in a form of innovation. Just as computer is an innovation, every single technology is an innovation, wash machines, x-box, etc. Innovation therefore makes people’s life easier just as x-box brings people temporary happiness and fun; innovation brings progress to this world and take the world to the next step. How does innovation comes in? Small businesses of course. People(small business owners) driven by money, design new technologies/innovations to profit. And now the number of small business will increase with the new affordable form of advertisement, social media.

Therefore without small businesses, without the concept of innovation, without an an affordable advertise method, without MEDIA (the most powerful way of advertising) there will be no progress brought to our world, and we would still be living a hard life (without most useful technology).

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