Saturday, January 30, 2016

ALS Ice bucket challenge


ALS disease or Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or most commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease is a nervous system disease that weakens muscle and impacts physical function. Before the summer of 2014 many people didn’t know or had never even heard of ALS. Until the ice bucket challenge became popular.
 The ALS ice bucket challenge was arguable one of the largest social media movements in 2014.  Filling a large bucket with ice-cold water and then pouring the content of it out over your head was a major fad. According the Castells; concepts this social movement was a success. Castells says at one point that “ the faster and more interactive the process of communication is the more likely the formation of a process of collective action becomes, rooted in outrage, propelled by enthusiasm and motivated by hope.”
 I think Castells concept applies to the ALS ice bucket challenge in many ways. This challenge happened so quickly and brought so much awareness to people who had no idea what ALS really was and how many people it affected. People are always up for a challenge. It excited other when they know that not everyone can complete a task, even something as trivial as pouring water on your head.  It motivated celebrities and everyday people to donate money to a cause that before that summer, not many people knew or thought about.
 According to ( the ice bucket challenges, “Raised over $100 million” during the course of the summer. Raising that amount of money to find a cure for ALS brings hope to those who suffer from the disease and their family members.
If pouring a bucket of ice cold water turns out to be a major way to raise awareness and donate proceeds to a disease, then why wouldn't people do it?

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