Sunday, January 31, 2016

How Society has changed due to electronics

Its crazy for me to see how much society has changed even though I’m only 22 years old. Growing up Ill never forget as soon as I walked home from school I would do my homework and get my bike out and ride all day until the sun went down. All the countless days my mom would have to force me to get off my bike to just eat dinner. For me, I’ve never really been a TV person. It never appealed to me. I’m more of hands on guy and I love learning new things. At a young age I felt that TV would never improve me as a person and it would always be there. One example of this that I can remember was one day my Mom was at work and I loved doing things to surprise her when she got home from work. One time in was during November in beautiful in southern California. I was in 6th grade and decided instead of sitting inside I would hang the Christmas lights so when she got home from work she would come home to all the lights up and for me at a young age I felt that it would take a lot of pressure off her having to do it.

            The difference is today; few kids would ever think to even do that for their parents. Not saying I was a great kid but I tried really hard and continue to do my best in all I do. Many younger kids cant wait for the bell to ring to turn on their cell phones, check instagram, Facebook, twitter, and all the other poisons out there in the world that continue to wreck peoples life. Or just cant wait to get home and start up that Netflix show. So many can’t strike a conversation with a stranger, look someone that’s talking to them in the eye, give a firm handshake etc. Respect in this world doesn’t even exist. In my opinion, my generation at 22 is the middle generation I would call it. Half of us that beat technology or choose not to let it consume our lives are the only ones left that can shake someone’s hand, look them in the eye and be personable on the streets, the other half and the generations after us walk down the street locked into their phones looking at nothing relevant or something that can wait. They don’t have the respect for people as much and their communication skills are extremely weak. Even though I do not have a Facebook i"m not going to sit here and say i'm not on my phone. Because I do check my phone very often as in today's society is the way you communicate with others. Texting has grown into a norm in society. Ill never forget when my mom told me I hate this texting thing and look who texts me more than anyone… my mom. I think there is a fine line between too much and just enough. For me personally I am probably in the to much category because sometimes I catch myself staring at stuff that’s useless and just taking time out of my day that I could improve and be a better person. On the same note, I own a business and all of it is ran through a website and off social media so I am on my phone often looking at how many people have looked at the website, checking instagram and so on.

In conclusion, I think there is a time and place for everything. I just wished it was how it used to be especially with young kids. I wish more would ask to get signed up for tee ball or basketball, baseball instead of ask for that new Xbox that just came out of the new iPhone. I don’t see it getting any better because electronics is what runs our society but I feel that you need to find that happy medium where you can respect other when you’re out to dinner instead of looking at your phone the whole time and just be able to put it down while you are face to face with others showing them that both your and their time is valuable.

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