Friday, January 29, 2016

Media today

                                                                                                                                                            Jon Kroft

            Growing up as a kid who lived in the suburbs just outside of Chicago, Media played a big part of my life. With all the new technologies developing as I was a kid I was one of the first to ever experience this developmental stage. Social media of course came in to play a pretty big factor, starting with MySpace, which I might have been a little too young for however I did have one, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With all of these being created and developing it’s ultimately changed society drastically. The way things were structured back in the old days everything was in person, and there was no such thing as the Internet or any form of media in general. As we learned in class common places we’re in the middle of everything. So you would have to pass through it to get from one place to another. This made much more social interaction in person of course, which is completely different from what it is today. Now a days you’ll walk past someone who you may know pretty well, and miss seeing them because you’re looking down at your phone the entire time tweeting. People are so attached to their mobile devices, that they completely miss what is occurring around them on a daily basis. I am myself guilty of this as well, you try to always keep up with what is going on around you, while ironically you miss what is actually happening right in front of you. The digital age has changed us, partially for the better and partially for the worse. It’s definitely helped us, in terms of staying in contact with people over long distances and things along those matters. However it has impacted our communication techniques drastically. Now you can’t sit down for a dinner with your friends or family without someone picking up their phone at least once during the meal. This causes separation and has seemed to make people not even have the ability to have normal conversations with one another. Another thing is people even prefer to text than talk on the phone because “It’s easier to communicate that way”. Overall things have been changed when it comes to communicating, some can perceive it as a positive or even as a negative.

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