Thursday, January 28, 2016

How Technology has Changed Our Communication Skills, In Response to Hector Carral

In the society we live in today, its inevitable to not be connected through technology in some way.  While the older generations are usually behind the newer generation of people, they still use technology.  It has completely taken over everything you do in your daily life.  I know personally I can hardly go anytime at all without checking my phone for a text message or social media.  I would say, and so would many others, that I am completely addicted to my phone.  In my opinion it truly is unfortunate the effects that technology and cell phones have had on our daily interactions with others.  
In reply to Hector Carral I do not believe we should be forced to interact with people around us.  However, I do believe you should, and you should want to.  It’s amazing when you walk into a room with people how many of them have their faces in their phone rather than conversing with those around them.  Just like we stated in class, it’s a piece of glass that our fingers touch and our minds are preoccupied with.  It’s truly nothing more than an object.  While I am completely guilty of this, when you step back and look at it from the outside perspective, it truly is sad how our generation lacks such communication skills.  People would rather text than talk face to face.  The troubles we run into with this is that ones message can be misinterpreted the wrong way.  Think about it, how many times have you read or texted something and it was taken the wrong way? Issues arise because we aren’t hearing directly from the messenger and the tone in which they are creating the message in.  Another way that it’s causing negative effects on our society is simply we just can’t communicate amongst each other.  It’s taking away the development of friendships, or new friendships that could be made.  So many times while I hangout with my friends, majority of the people are constantly on their phone.  On a more professional standpoint, teenagers and young adults lack communication skills necessary for a job.  Communication skills are one of the top qualifications that businesses look for in an upcoming employer.  If you can’t converse with those around you because you don’t know how, it will be difficult to be hired anywhere. 
While I do agree with what Hector was saying to a point, I also believe that it is a balance of both.  When conversing with someone face to face it’s rude to be on your phone and preoccupied with it, rather than what the person you are talking to you is saying.  While it may not benefit you in anyway to talk to strangers, its good for you to not be constantly be connected with the outside world.  Our relationships and possible future relationships will be lacking the necessary need to flourish and develop when we are constantly preoccupied with our phones.  You truly won’t know the world around you and the people in it if you never engage in real personal conversation.  So while Hector is true about the fact that someone could have nothing to offer to you, you really won’t know that unless you try.  It’s also really good for you and your \health to take a break from technology.  
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