Sunday, January 24, 2016

Response to Hector Carroll

I kind of have my foot in both camps here with what Hector Carral's thoughts. I believe that the art of communication and ability to talk to strangers we don't know is a skill thats decreasing rapidly. I think its a very important life skill to have yet myself I would definitely find myself looking through my phone during an entire bus ride. I could spark up a conversation with some one near me that I know ,but what would I really gain from that? I would most likely have my face in my phone talking to someone that matters to me and being productive. I could be reaching out to people that are dear to me and strengthen relationships. I am not scared of talking to strangers and find myself very capable but at the same time I do think that at times I feel it would be a waste of my time. I am somewhat of a selective with who I choose to interact with but if you had the opportunity to only communicate with people that added something positive to your life. It sounds very self centered the way Im saying it but I just think its a very efficient way to live all in all. I have a lot of really strong relationships just because I am constantly communicating. I do not want this type of behavior to the death of being social and friendly because that is sad. There is a definite medium that needs to be established in order to form a community where people still genuinely care about other still. I just think in moments like the waiting room at the doctors office, bus rides, bus stops, elevators, etc. it is up to you who you choose to communicate with and have the right to be communicating with someone elsewhere via the cell phone. I do want to state that when you are with loved ones, friends, overall people that aren't strangers you should set the phone down and enjoy the here and now. There is a moderation needed like anything else in the world but for the most part when your in those waiting room situations go ahead and text, email, search, tweet what ever it may be, be efficient it is your right.

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