Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Observation of Technology

    There are just certain things that as a person I do not think about and one of them is technology. It might be a millennial type of thing to say but, technology just isn’t worth time to think about. I say that it is not worth my time to think about because I don’t think about what is always available in general. I understand that technology is not available everywhere and that the internet is a common thing in most countries but not every country, so I should be grateful to have it. With that being said, while I do not think about technology I have been noticing the effect that technology has had on people that I can observe one of which is that if you do not know somebody have fun in trying to speak to anyone in the room with you. Nowadays it is becoming a real struggle to communicate with strangers because as a society we are way to plugged in to smell the roses at times, which in hand discourages stranger sociability since nobody wants to even attempt to approach someone with their nose to a screen. Maybe people do not want to approach because they do not want to interrupt or because they don’t want to receive the disgruntled brush off which I have noticed happen, but to be fair I also have witnessed someone unplug and talk to the other person.
    Technology has created a barrier, it has created a barrier in our real life surroundings causing there to be for the most part no random conversations. I find it interesting that although in our everyday life koine is for the most past non-existent, in our virtual life koine has become a dime a dozen, there are whole websites designed for their specific common good or chat rooms have been created not all of them are necessarily good in general terms but it is good for that community. Where koine if difficult to find in our everyday life idia has become so simple to find the clearest example I can think of is lecture professor Damien you banned all forms of technology the moment that we step through the doors, because you found that people more often than not were on them or misusing them students became idia by not participating in koine you tried to create. As students, we should be speaking vocally at appropriate times during lecture and we should be participating even if at times it is silently, we should still remain engaged in our setting.

    Remaining engaged in our environment helps us meet new people, grow more, and expand beyond our sphere of knowledge. Remaining engaged would also help us with civil inattention, granted we cannot acknowledge every single person in depth we can spare a nod or glance because acknowledgment is not the most positive form of communication for no reason.

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