Sunday, January 31, 2016

I’m a member of the millennial generation and I don’t really think that technology improves our lives.  That is not exactly a common statement but one that rings true with what I have experienced in my life.  Each day is different and yet, each day a pattern exists where I find myself lost in a device missing out on the world around me.  Often, at the end of a day I reexamine my time spent here on Earth for that particular day and analyze the quality of conversations, relationships built, work done.  There are days where I feel satisfied and days where I feel as though it was a waste.  Often times, the good days are ones spent in the moment, with people, doing great work, making friends, smiling.  The days that aren’t are the ones that I spend with my nose in a phone.

Something happens to me when I’ve got my nose inches from a screen.  The day goes by much quicker.  Life is put on fast forward and the days screeches buy with no content.  There are days where I want the time to screech by, and so I spend most of it refreshing Twitter every few minutes trying to catch that next interesting article to make the clock tick by quicker.  (These days are usually at work.)  This Youtube video does an excellent job at describing my struggle:

Look up.  The film takes such an interesting look at the way we view society.  I’m tired of the millennial generation and it’s views on technology.  Just look at what succeeds in our generation economically, in 2010 there were 842,188 technology startups opened. I have such a difficult time with the fact that most of my generation thinks that technology is the key to a better life. I’ve found that what gives life meaning cannot be found on a screen but in the creating and sustaining meaningful relationships.

Many of my classmates and friends all our working to be content specialists or social media managers hoping to make it big, but the problem is facebook posts aren’t really the backbone of what runs a business.  We look for easy options, a job we can do at home like posting tweets for a living when to truly give life meaning and seek out real opportunities we have to get out and meet other individuals.  I think that we have a fear of sticking our neck out to meet other people and this can become a very large issue for our generation.

-Sam Wyrick

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