Friday, January 29, 2016

Communication through Technology.

Interaction between humans has changed so much over the years. If it hadn’t, we wouldn’t have this class. The interaction between humans has become progressive enough in our lifetime to where some only communicate through social media or digital technology. Now not all of this is bad, but Hector Carral’s statement is wrong. It is terrible to not want to have physical human interaction, such as talking.

Now granted there a many benefits of technology and social media for communication. An example would be for political campaigns and being able to communicate to everyone your idea without having to go to every corner of the earth to say it. But as many benefits as there are, there are just as many disadvantages to social media. When people aren’t able to talk to each other, even if they are in the same room, you know something is wrong. Talking face to face with people allows multiple ways of communication, ways you don’t get with social media. Body language and emotion/inflection of their voice when they speak are different forms of communication you do not receive from social media. This can hinder communication by not fully understanding a thought of others.

I do believe though that social media is bringing back the interaction of human thought sharing. As much as the agora was a place for people to physically hang out and share ideas, social media platforms, Facebook/Twitter, are the new forms of an agora. The interaction of citizens sharing thoughts and beliefs is necessary to democracy. Platforms such as Facebook/Twitter are allowing others to communicate about shared ideas.

Yes, we need technology and social media to stay in a progressive democracy. Cutting all social media would end up hurting our democracy more than helping it.

No, human interaction is necessary, even if you don’t want to participate. Even if the people around you have nothing in common or aren’t to your liking, a different person’s thoughts makes you think from a different perspective.

Iron sharpens iron, human thoughts shape others thoughts, and all of this is done through communication. Technology or not. 

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