Monday, December 14, 2015

Too much of a good thing

During the media binge I noticed that after a while that being on social media and the internet constantly it became uncomfortable. It was hard to consistently be looking at a screen all the time. I was on facebook frequently and after a while it became boring because I noticed a lot of repeat postings. I also posted a few more things than I normally would. Also during my media binge I watched a lot of netflix, youtube and learned a few new songs on the guitar.

I found the media fast quite a bit easier than the binge because I really don't use social media a whole lot. Normally I use it to simply kill time when I am bored. After cutting it out almost completely I found that I had a lot more time than I seem to usually have. It was easier to finish all of my homework and readings and I got them done a lot more quickly than I usually do. Maybe I'm not as busy as I think I am.

Over all I am glad that I participated in the media binge and the media fast. I think that the internet and social media are great tools to stay connected with people whom are far away and to share information. However, when you over indulge these purposes are less evident and you soon begin to simply try to keep yourself entertained.

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