Thursday, December 10, 2015

the fast vs. the binge

When thinking about going on the media binge and before even starting, it didn't seem like it would be that much of a challenge, since I would consider myself to be on social media quite often. You never really think about how much of your time is consumed by social media until things such as the media binge or fast come into play. 
     At first the binge didn't seem to have any dramatic effects on me because I am use to constantly checking twitter, instagram, and Facebook multiple times a day. Weather it be walking to class, sitting in my room, or even at lunch or dinner it seems like I always am involved in some kind of media even if it be reading through old Facebook posts that I have already read before. I would consider media to be something that takes up a lot of my time and so it really was not that hard for me. One challenge that came with the binge although was getting homework and studying done. I had always known that when you constantly are checking social media and getting on your phone while studying you really get nothing productive done but after this binge it really occurred to me how much time you waste when you are constantly on twitter or listening to music while trying to do homework.
     The media fast on another hand was quite difficult. It had its negatives and positives but while fasting seemed to be remotely negative. Not being able to check twitter and see what everyone was pointlessly talking about each day was a struggle. I think the hardest part of the binge for me was knowing that I couldn't get on media. When someone says don't do something or you can't do something it only makes me want to be rebellious and do that something even more so for the binge not being able to go on social media made me want to go on even more. 
     Some of the negatives of the binge were not being able to see what was going on with some of my friends who were not close enough to talk to and have conversations with in person. When not replying to peoples texts for a few days they started to get concerned because I usually reply right away. 
     Overall the media binge and the fast made me realize one important thing! Media is not the most important thing in our lives. I feel like once we do things such as the binge we realize how much time we waste on media. It may seem like media is the only way to stay connected with people but really when you get rid of media you realize face to face conversations and staying connected with people without the use of media is way more valuable.

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