Thursday, December 10, 2015

Media Binge vs Media Fast

As I began the media binge, I quickly grew bored of messing around on my phone. I never really go on my phone very much, other than for fantasy football and texting. Fortunately, I did have one of my best weeks on fantasy football as I had read nearly every expert insight as well as research all of my players to form my own opinions. I did have a lot of homework to do, which I had to complete on my laptop. Overall, the media binge allowed me to catch up on a lot of homework and log some serious call of duty hours. It did get irritating at times, however I already do so much using a screen during my day that it was not a huge challenge.

The media fast went way different than I expected it to. I did not think that I relied so heavily upon technology. I ran into incidents when I needed to use my laptop or phone, like navigating a friend in the car and completing my homework assignments. I felt really disconnected and like I did not know what was going on, as I was not checking group me, Twitter, and Facebook constantly as I had been in the days previously. In my free time, I found myself extremely bored as I really enjoy watching sports and playing video games.

After it was over, I was relieved to be able to return to my technology filled lifestyle. I never really realized how much time I spend looking at a screen, whether it be checking the time or changing the song I am listening to.

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