Thursday, December 10, 2015

Netflix vs. Homework

        As I started my media binge, I began to love it. I loved constantly being on some sort of social media. I loved being able to sit on my phone nonstop and have a legitimate reason to. I enjoy being on my phone more than I enjoy talking to people most of the time. On my phone, I am socializing with people. I can have more of a conversation with someone over texts more than I can in person sometimes. I felt completely in the loop with everyone when I was able to sit on my phone. Of course, when I was at work I couldn't be on my phone, which sucked. The more I sat on my phone, the more I found out new things. I was able to search the web for just about anything. When I got bored, I would find something else to look at. When it came time to go to bed, I watched Netflix for hours. This was my perfect excuse to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy. It got to the point where every time I stepped in my dorm room, I was turning on Netflix. My roommate noticed I had been a lot less talkative and she asked me if there was anything bothering me. I said no and she said well you sure have been burying your face in Netflix lately. I started laughing and told her it was for a class. She laughed at me and said yeah sure. I loved the media binge because I felt more connected with what was going on in the world.
When I began the media fast, I hated it. I couldn't watch anymore Grey’s, I couldn't text my friends nonstop, and I couldn't look at cute pictures of puppies when I got bored. However, I began doing more productive things. Thursday, I cleaned my entire dorm room. My roommates half and my half were spotless. I did all my laundry and all of my homework within those two and a half days. I went to bed at a rather early time during that time period as well. I talked more with the people around me but I didn't feel as connected. My roommate is very good at sitting on her phone as well so when I had to fast and she didn’t, I would go to bed while she sat on her phone. I remembered to do things I kept forgetting to do and I read a book. I think the last time I read a book for fun I was about 11 years old and it was most likely a book filled with pictures. 

Overall, I enjoyed the media binge more than the fast. Although, I did realize that the media fast helped me be more productive. I spent my time more wisely when I wasn't glued to my phone or binge watching Netflix. I love being on my phone, but I think in moderation would be best for my education. 

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