Friday, December 11, 2015

To Binge or not to Binge

To binge on media or not to binge on media, that is the question.  Referring back to the golden mean, all thins in moderation.  In today's technological society, media bingeing for the greater percentage of the population isn't that much of a rare occurance.  Whether it is surfing the internet, watching television or spending combined hours on Facebook, everyday individuals are bingeing on media if they are aware of it or not.  After personally realizing how much time I was spending on facebook, I came to a hard decision and decided to delete it.  I did this because I found myself consistently being consumed and intertwined with others lives, almost to the point of not having an equal amount of time to concentrate and focus on my own life and future goals.

When I first heard about the media binge and fast, I didn't have much concern or worry leading up to it.  Since I don't have a facebook and am not consumed with many other forms of social media except snapchat, I had a pre conceived thought that the media fast would be that big of a deal.  I turned out to be wrong.  During the fast, it became clear to me that I still associate a lot of my free time with all forms of media in one way or another.  With the absence of a t.v. in my dorm, my preferred choice of entertainment is either my laptop or my smart phone.  During the fast, managing to not browse through many of my apps on my smart phone because a lot more difficult that I had anticipated.  I became more aware of Idia and preserving the memory of my daily events with myself rather than feeling the need or urge to share it with the public and my friends.

The media binge was not that difficult for me and most of my classmates.  Unlike with fast, the binge was at times difficult to process everything I was doing on media due to civil inattention.  With so many different news feeds and the constant vibration of my notifications on my phone, I found myself getting to the breaking point and wanted to disconnect everything.  It was simply to much at once.  Now that I am aware of how much media directly impacts our lives on a consistent basis, I can  either give it the power to draw my attention, or demonstrate self control and moderate all forms of media intake.

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