Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Media Binge VS. Media Fast

     The media binge was first and I was unaware of how terrible that would be. At first I thought it would be a piece of cake. I love my phone and I love social media. When I woke up in the morning I checked Twitter while laying in bed. Then after catching up on all news from while I was sleeping, I switched over to Instagram, then Sinstagram, and then Snapchat. As I got ready for class, I played YouTube on my phone to listen to music. Then I found a song I liked on YouTube and added it to my online Spotify playlist.

     By the time I was ready to leave my dorm room I grabbed my phone and texted on the way to the elevator. When I got in the elevator there was already someone in there. So to avoid conversation or awkward eye contact I got back on Twitter until we got to the first floor. Then walking to classes I listened to music on Spotify and refreshed all my social medias over, and over, and over.

     After being on a media binge, I didn't want to get onto Twitter or Instagram again! I saw the same insta pics about 100 times from refreshing and going through Instagram again. Twitter was even harder because after a while of being on the binge, I realized something.. I DON'T CARE. I don't care if you're bored or hungry. I don't care to see a video of you on Snapchat partying at some glow up party. I don't care to see you post about how much you love your sorority and your "big". I don't care that the VS Fashion Show is on tonight. I don't care about the song lyrics you just tweeted! The media binge made me realize how pointless social media can be at times and yet it consumes us.

     I started thinking about my social media accounts. Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Everything that I didn't care about seeing other people tweet/post about, I tweeted/posted about. In fact, 2 weeks ago I tweeted: "I'm bored". NOBODY CARES IF IM BORED??? I posted that on Twitter just for the point of posting something on Twitter. Did I do it to get someones attention? Did I do it to rid myself of the boredom for a solid 30 seconds? Who knows. What I'm trying to get to here is that at a certain point in your life, social media gets old. This media binge really made me look at social media in a negative way.

     The media fast was easy. I already work two jobs and go to school full time. I only get on social media when I'm bored these days. Staying off Twitter was easy because of how annoying it got during the media binge. It was hard to stay of Snapchat because I like posting pictures throughout the day and I like to look at what interest other people enough to post pictures of. Instagrm was also hard. Instagram is definitely a weakness of mine and staying off of it was extremely difficult. After the media fast I think I realized how unimportant different types of social media can be, And how I didn't have them in my life for a couple of days and I've been getting more accomplished and going to bed earlier. The media fast and binge was a good thing for me to experience.                      

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