Thursday, December 10, 2015

all things in moderation

I noticed many negatives to both binging and fasting on digital media. Personally, I had an easier time binging than I did fasting. I feel disconnected or like I am missing out on something when I am not checking my Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter in my regular ten minute intervals. I found that when I was binging on digital media however, it was less exciting, of course excluded my Netflix addiction that is never boring. 

The negatives of binging on digital media is that there isn't as much going on as I would have originally thought. I refreshed my Twitter feed every three seconds waiting for something new to be tweeted and to be out of my misery of rereading the same tweets. On Instagram I searched places, people, and hashtags for hours. I even found a new feature on Instagram that allows you to see what your follows are liking.
There is so much information in digital media, but I wasn’t even utilizing it while aimlessly going through every buzz feed article I saw on my Facebook home page or searching things on Instagram. I had assumed binging would be very beneficially, but it really just wasted my time, which I should be spending on more important things.

After binging, I believed the fast would be much more beneficial, in ways it was, but it mostly disconnected me from important information. I don’t watch the news or read regular new story’s online. I care about the news and like to know what is going on around me. I didn’t come to realize how much of my news I get from social media. It seems whenever something happens someone is always eager to set a Facebook status or share a link to a news story. In the wake of the shooting in California, I had no idea about it till I was sitting in the health center and the news talked about it for ten minutes. Digital media allows so much information to be released to people personally, that I wanted to look up more information on my phone, but didn’t. I was more keen to others around me while walking around campus and hanging out in my dorm. The age of digital media we are in it is inevitable to be a part of it. I learned to use digital media to be more productive and not just look at the same ten Instagram posts a dozen times in an hour. To use digital media in moderation, I am able to better engage with those around me.

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