Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Use of Rhetoric in the Women's March

Every four years, our country is overtaken by politics. Whether it be presidential debates, harsh television campaigns, or an insufferable amount of social media banter, everyone is trying to prove something. In a time of overwhelming political unrest and division in our country, the use of rhetorical language and strategies is all around us. Donald Trump is arguably the most controversial President of the United States to date, and his inauguration stirred up many feelings among the general public, but especially in women. The Women's March on Washington took place the day after Trump was sworn in, and it perfectly exemplified the tendency of modern social movements to use rhetoric to further their cause.

The women who participated in this campaign carefully chose the word "march" over "protest." The latter seems to have a growing negative connotation to it as the more violent and unruly protests are constantly displayed by the media. While there were many signs used in this march, some more appropriate than others, the ones that caught my attention were the slogans pointing out the step backwards our country has taken. While our country is considered to be one of the most powerful in our country, some of our history is better left as just that, history. Women's reproductive rights seemed to have been an issue of the past, but a change in power came with a change in policy. By pointing out the retrograding of our country, the women are incredibly persuasive in getting their point across.

There was no subject left unturned, and the women took the opportunity to remind America of the less-than-presidential remarks Trump made about women before and during the election. Using phrases like "This pu*** grabs back" to mock his infamous "Grab 'em by the pu***" statement, these women barely had to say anything at all to get their point across. It was ridiculous, and seeing it written so plainly makes that a little easier to see.

Whether or not you agree with their statements, give credit where credit is due- to the witty women marching for what they believe in.


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