Tuesday, January 31, 2017

 The Impact of Social Media in Politics/ Communications: The Tool For a New Beginning 

The Mexican government has become a government based on corruption that makes the politicians and the upper-class wealthier as the rest of the population keep suffering from poverty and violence. What some people never consider is the large role that communication plays in this social problem. They use the media to manipulate information for their own benefit. This system is called “Caja China” and is based on reshaping, replacing important information with something irrelevant, or simply omitting information. The government’s main sources are tv Azteca and Televisa, the two main television channels. This stops the population from focusing on the economic crisis and corruption.
I personally believe this era of corruption will soon come to an end. What I mean is that social media is becoming a great source to counterpower, now that there are multiple sources to find information and they are easily accessible. The government has been losing credibility and therefore power. Thanks to social media, Mexicans have not only found out about the government’s multiple frauds, but they have become united to fight for their rights.
Multiple revolutionary groups have used social media platforms to persuade the Mexican population to stand up for their rights by providing them with important news, facts, and information. These revolutionary groups teach them the importance of knowing about the government and its movements. Their purpose is to end the cycle of coercion, where the government uses their power to reach a certain personal goal. In this case, they use coercion to cover their corruption. As you can see, the difference between persuasion and coercion is that persuasion allows people to create an opinion based on facts while coercion tries to intimidate and retain power.  
Some of the ones I follow are Los Zapatistas http://enlacezapatista.ezln.org.mx/ and El Pulso de la Republica https://www.youtube.com/user/elpulsodelarepublica. They both expose news that you would never see on television.  
Now even though the government tries to keep people from fighting for their rights, they are not giving up. They became united to expose the government and show them that they are willing to fight for the economy and stability of their country. This proves that communication is extremely important since it can be as damaging as it can be helpful when it is used to coerce a nation. My only advice can be to pay attention to the information that you receive, but more importantly, pay attention to the information that you do not receive.

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