Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Use of Rhetoric in the Women's March

            Since the initial election of Donald Trump and his official date he was sworn in to presidency a little more than one week ago, society has used many contemporary social movements to expresses their views and displeasure of Trump as well as to protest several of Trump’s latest moves throughout his short time as president. These social movements such as the Women’s March and the recent immigration ban are taking over the Internet. They are the epitome of peaceful protesting being used in an effort to initiate change.
            The Women’s March was held in Washington, D.C. last Saturday, January 21st. This was the day after Barrack Obama officially handed down the reigns of the country to Donald Trump. The thousands of women that attended this event referred to it as “march” rather than a protest as they were advocating that “women’s rights are human rights.” Personally, I am not a feminist. I believe that being an American women, I have been blessed with innumerable opportunities and rights. I firmly hold that anything I set my mind to I will be able to accomplish in America. Men and women are created and destined to hold different roles in society. However, I completely agree that the way Donald Trump speaks towards women is out of line and extremely unacceptable.
Although I am American woman that did not attend the protest, I was moved by how the Women’s March spread worldwide, even here in Lincoln, Nebraska.  According to Vox.com, the Women’s March quite possibly was the largest demonstration recorded in the history of the United States with reports that 3.3 million people attended marches in over 500 cities across the nation. As well as the rallies in America, rallies were held in other countries around the world to show support of the several issues that drove people to march. Here is a photo of women showing support at a rally in Australia as well as an article about the platform of the march. Many of the women that attended carried signs with messages such as “GRAB AMERICA BACK” and “PUSSY POWER.” These signs send powerful messages to our nation’s government that the people of America demand their fundamental rights as citizens.
I believe the march definitely made an impact on the world. It is certain that it caught the attention of Donald Trump. Whether he chooses to react in the way protesters want is unclear. However, it definitely activate the process of social change in that it developed more awareness of many controversial topics and brought people of all ages, genders, races and cultures together to fight for a better America.


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