Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump is My President

I’m democratic, born and raised in a farming town in western Nebraska, I love my friends and family, and Donald Trump is my President. If you live in America then you president is Donald Trump. I know that this subject is extremely controversial, but it needs to be shared. When I was a kid I was taught that no matter who it is, you treat them with the respect that you wish to be treated.  That may seem elementary, but it seems that many people in our country have forgotten the golden rule. Donald Trump is currently the captain of the ship, and if he fails then the whole ship sinks including each and everyone of us.

On January 30th all students at the University of Nebraska received an email regarding one of Donald Trump’s first executive orders. People all over the country are furious about the order. The primary goal of the executive order is to protect the nation from terroristic threats coming from countries like Syria and Iraq. The complete list can be found on this website… http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/01/30/512438879/7-targeted-countries-react-to-trumps-ban-on-immigration Topics like these bring conflict to people all over the world, especially in colleges. Because colleges like UNL have an immense amount of cultural diversity, we face a pretty big problem. Many of our fellow students live in the countries that are now banned from entering the United States. Although the ban is only in effect for 90 days, it has impacted the countries in a negative way. Many immigrants are fearful for what their future might hold.
From a rhetorical standpoint it is hard to say whether I agree or disagree with President Donald Trump's methods. The idea is that we won't let anyone from those countries in for a period of time, so that we can strengthen our screening process.  By doing so it will allow us to thoroughly monitor the people coming into and out of our country. I do agree that something needs to be done to make our country more secure, but this drastic of a move might create some enemies in the long run. In all seven of these war stricken countries there are hundreds of innocent people that are seeking refuge. I believe that our country is obligated to take in any of those people that need a new start. I think its funny how we are denying people the right to live in America when we came over to this country as immigrants to begin with.

The world we live in is filled with violence and negativity, and I have no clue how banning an entire country will affect our country. I find it crucial that we as citizens of the United States support our president and governing body. Democrat or Republican you have to root for Trump to do well. Because if he fails we all fail, and if he succeeds we all do. Now I’m not saying that everything he is doing is right, but at least he’s doing something. So to everyone that is still crying not my president I have three words for you, “YES HE IS”. I’m going to be honest with you I did not vote for Donald Trump, but as soon as I heard how awful people were acting when Hillary lost it made me really mad. I’m sure that the same type of stuff would have happened if Donald Trump lost, but that’s besides the point. The point is that we need to come together as a country not split further apart. The only way that a democracy will work to its fullest potential is if both parties can learn to respect that they disagree and come to a positive solution.
In conclusion I will continue to stress that we need to give Trump a chance to try and “Make America Great Again”. Whether you agree or disagree with all of Donald’s tactics, the least you could do is show our President of the United States of America a little respect.
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