Tuesday, January 31, 2017

America the Beautiful...

Being a person who does not regularly watch the news or keep up with what's going on in the world this class certainly opens eyes and makes a person look at themselves, their country and their world. It is nearly inevitable to talk about what is going on in our country right now. Whether it is a protest or a new bill being signed, change in president we're all engrossed in knowing what will happen next. 

Recently a new executive order was made to deny immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries to enter the United States, signed by Donald Trump. People didn't take a second to run to major airports including Philadelphia and Honolulu. Signs ranged from "My parents are immigrants!" to "Portland Coffee is from Yemen." People blocked and flooded many terminals.

People are not happy about being separated from Muslim-majority countries. People want to greet them all with open arms because that's what Americans do. We are loving and help anyone in need; we go out of our way to help the less fortunate. We are full of love and care and we want to be known for that! Am I right or am I wrong. But if we were to walk down a busy street downtown of a large city and see a homeless man you magically don't have any money anymore, or you go an extra block just to avoid looking into the eyes of a man who has been through who knows what. Even a person who drops a coffee or a bag, do you go up rushing with love and care to help? I believe that is a select few.

We say that we don't discriminate and love, but I believe we really don't do that. When we see a white person on the street what goes through your mind if anything? Black? Native American? What happens when you see a girl in a hijab? We seem to have preconceived ideas and thoughts about everyone. If a white woman asked you to watch her bag, you would. If a woman in a long covering and a hijab asked you to watch her bag, would you?

It doesn't always have to be considered racism, but because of events that have happened in our lives we get scared, and we tend to think other must be like that. Is every person from those seven countries apart of ISIS? Of course not, would you think that if you saw them on a busy street in America? Donald Trump is trying to protect America whether he did it in the right or wrong way. We need to give him the benefit of the doubt and give the Muslims living in America right now the benefit of the doubt, we need to give your crazy ex-boyfriend the benefit of the doubt. I think we should let them all in and not segregate America from the rest of the world, that will create more division and more hate for everyone not only in America but the world. We need to be the loving and caring country everyone says we are in our everyday lives, but who will actually change?


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