Wednesday, March 1, 2017

three men make a tiger

I totally agree that “ Three Men Make a Tiger” fallacy is happening in our world very much and everyday. It happens through people talking and sharing fake news or fake statements, or it can be something you read in social media, which o think it happens the most. First, according to, fallacy means a deceptive, misleading, or false notion or belief. Second, according to Wikipedia, this fallacy is about a story based on Chinese idiom. When a man called Pang Cong went to the king and tried to figure out if the king would believe him or not when he told him that there is a tiger outside, the king didn’t believe him, then he said what if I said there were three men told me that there is a tiger outside, the king said I would believe that.
To sum up this fallacy, it is whenever people believe fake news that they have heard or read and then spread this false and wrong news to other, which is happens too much nowadays. Especially in social media, people create so much fake news, then the receivers will do so without making sure that the news they have read is true or false, they will just spread it more.
I think the very first fallacy that people got is when someone said that earth is flat; everyone believed it until they have proved that the earth is round. Also there are so many other examples on this fallacy. For example, when people saying that all Arabs are terrorist so other people who don’t know Arabs would believe, but it is not right. It doesn’t matter how many people did believe any fake news, it is still a fake and it is still not true. Another example is when people said the aliens are existed and they might fight us and destroy the earth, some people believed that, but no one have seen aliens and no one is sure wither they are existed or not.
To conclude the topic, this fallacy can be avoided if we make sure of the news that we get before we share it with others. To be honest, I think anyone can create a fake news now in social media, they just can write anything in their mind so other people believe something that is not true. So people shouldn’t believe anything they read in social media, and shouldn’t believe anything they hear from other people. Also people should not spread news that they are not sure about.

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