Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fallacy of Rugged Individualism

Morgan Pommier
Rhetoric Digital Media
March 1, 2017
              Of all the different fallacies, the one that stood out to me was the Fallacy of rugged Individualism. For a variety of reasons. No one wants to be a follower, nor do they want to feel left out. However even when you are a part of a group you can still feel left out. This is due to the mental capacity a person contains. Due to situations a person may experience through their lifetime, this could cause them react to things differently. Values and beliefs are given to us by our parents or guardians, but as we grow older they can alter due to the current generational changes.
              A Fallacy of rugged individualism, explains itself in deeper depth by deciphering the cons that go along with individualism. Being indifferent is now the norm, it makes you more acceptable to judgement which gives you more attention from onlookers. Being the one person who goes one route untraveled by has a better story to tell. Being independent, having self-confidence, and the mental capability to do it all by yourself takes strong will. Knowing yourself, your strengths, likes and dislikes allows an individual to be so head strong positive factors are there however negatives are just as present. By having all of these qualities, there is lack in other areas such as trust, and willingness to open up to others. Thoughts of anxiety arise, and while being an individual is important, loneliness coincides.
              Constant comparison is occurring when you are by yourself. The thoughts that fill your head, wondering if people notice how much of an individual you are. With the same worry of if they notice how lonely you are. See the fallacy follows as an appeal to being diverse and the strength to do such, but only can apply to a specific group of people. This person does not go with the flow, they instead come to their own conclusions and reasoning. Regardless of what someone was taught and raised by, they could want to do the complete opposite. You see, you are only told what a person wants you to hear, this is the same with learning, teaching and beliefs. Once you are exposed to the other side to the story you can alter your old thoughts into new theories.  
              One example would be “Those who know Christ personally are the majority, therefore they must be right.” Growing up, all you attended was a Christian church, however does that mean that is the only religion that is right? No, however how could it be right if no one has been involved with other religion. Upon listening to other religion you could find a deeper connection with it. Another example would be with the political debate. Being a democratic, choosing the best for the people can be how a person has voted their whole existence. However if a person is placed in a position to represent a group you are in, and you don’t think they are qualified, it is very easy to become that “swing” vote.
              Being self-sufficient, helps by keeping yourself up, however it takes from the gathering of people around you. It affects your trust, need for safety and your comfortability to be in groups or events with people. The flaw of being an individual is mental, being lonely, isolated and separated from people because you feel as if you all are not on the same level of existence. However physically being an individual makes you more attractive, while displaying a strong sense of self-wisdom.

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