Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Danny Gamboa
Comm 250
February blog

The fallacy of 'three men make a tiger' is an old Chinese idiom that was used to explain that if enough people tell the same lie, then it will accepted as the truth. The story's two main characters are the King of Wei (state in China) and his minister. Before leaving the state, the minister approaches the King of Wei and asks him, if he would believe some one if they told him that there was a tiger in the street. The King replies no, however, the minister then asks him if two people would be enough to convince him. After putting more careful thought into the question, the King decides to keep his answer. When asked if three people making this claim would change his mind, he finally agrees that he would accept that there is indeed a tiger in the street. The minister then assures the King that there is in fact no tiger, and that when he leaves the state of Wei, more than three people will speak poorly of him. Therefore, he asks the King to not believe the slander that people will share with him.

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