Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Robert Rebuffatti
Rhetoric and Civic Life 
Section 001
1 March 2017
Donald Trump in 2015
Donald Trump has always been who we think he is, the jackass Donald Trump. It is safe to say this because the example of President Trump at his speech in Washington D.C., September of 2015, provides an excellent example of the President being rude, attacking his appoint with fallacies, while remaining completely transparent. 
A fallacy that Donald Trump is arguably infamous for is, tu quoque, pronounced too-kwo-kwee. Tu Quoque from its greek meaning translates to “you too”. A basic rule of this fallacy is avoiding criticism by turing it back on the accuser. Essentially, you answer the criticism with criticism. 
Now back to the President, Donald Trump starts his speech off by portraying the teleprompter in the crowd surrounding him as a clear, gloomy mass that is unattractive, bulky, and an inconvenience for the audience. This is where he remains transparent, he relates to the crowd and put himself in the shoes of the people at his presidential rally. He shares empathy with the crowd to gain their trust and attention. Also, if the teleprompter is clear yet gloomy and a nuisance this means the the device is in fact off and large which makes his fallacious claim still a valid attack. (This will become clear in the upcoming quote) 
President Trump starts his speech off with,
 “I see these teleprompters believe me I'm not using them”
“If you run for president you should not be allowed to use teleprompters”
“Get these things out of here” he proclaims
“I was watching Hillary give a speech and it was outside.. “ 
He then goes on negativity describing the teleprompters, describing them as gloomy, dark and depicting them in an eerie fashion. 
“They where dead, dark, they where not even like these, these are clear, I can almost see right through them. Which really is disturbing, is that disturbing for the audience? But wouldn't you think? But hers where black.”
He ends his speech by saying…
“What kind of speech is that, thats not a speech!”

Another example of a fallacy is Texas sharp shooting.
In the manuscript above provided by Donald Trump, it translates 100% identical with the exception of one word. It is true that the president overall describes these devices as bulky and annoying however, he does start off by saying ““I see these beautiful teleprompters believe me I'm not using them”

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