Thursday, March 31, 2016

Today in class we discussed how Dissoi Logoi has decreased tremendously in todays' society. Social media does use algorithms to force a feed to be things "you only want to see" because the website designers want people to visit their sites more because your satisfactory level of seeing only the things you want to see will make you come back more, duh.

Anyways, I 100% agree with this idea because social media only exposes us to what we want to see. We do not ever see the other side of an argument regardless of the validity of it. I also 100% agree that this increases polarization because we don't hear any arguments from the other side which decreases our capability to understand it. Polarization is an issue i would argue is a forefront issue and what keeps us from being a true democracy. Democracy is giving equal representation of different sides present but if we aren't accepting and respectful to the other side then what is the point of a democracy? Norrowcasting is a term that has been coined within the media of only showing certain points to prove a point instead a whole argument and i think we can think of social media as being "narrow casted". I think in todays society we can build a lot of arguments from the information we are exposed to but it's a very one sided argument that easily can be disproved because we don't know where the other side is coming from, let alone what argument they will present and lessening dissoi logoi. Understanding Dissoi Logoi is a key to having a strong argument because you present information against their argument before they even present making their argument look weaker. The more information you expose yourself to, makes you more informed before you can take a holistic approach to it instead of a individualized where you're looking at the full picture instead just from one side. Politics in America are incapable of accepting the argument from the other side meaning that polarization is the worst it's been since the civil war, but i believe if politicians took the approach of dissoi logoi we would have lot better rhetoric happening especially on the republican side but a much more fluid system.

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