Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Behind a screen

Jon Kroft

When sitting behind your computer you can say absolutely anything with no punishment what so ever, unless the police get involved but that's a completely different argument. You can pretend to be whoever you want to be online, and nobody can even tell. Whether it be in a chat room or online gaming like xbox live, where you can tell someone you're a 25 year old male model or even some huge professional athlete like Lebron James. The only way this isn't always fully believed (by those who aren't ridiculously gullible) is due to something called ethos. Ethos establishes credibility and how are you gonna have credibility when talking over a microphone or sitting behind a screen typing whatever you say acting like whoever you want to be. That is why ethos is so vital to our world today. When ordering things online, you don't just order from any random site, you order from the one with the better reputation. Ethos is active in any part of your life even school and work. You want to work at a place that is credible and where you are sure that it won't close down immediately after you begin your employment there. Same goes for a Universities you want to go somewhere with a better reputation and where you can actually get a return on your money and hard work post-graduation. Wikipedia has no ethos and it hurts them completely, as anyone can update the content on that site. Ethos is one of the most important things or there would never be trust.

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