Thursday, March 31, 2016

Filter Bubble

          The past couple days in class I have learned a lot about algorithms and my “Filter Bubble.” I do not consider myself to be a very heavy user of Facebook; Twitter; and Instagram, but I do have an account with all them. Before this week I never thought about why I look at similar posts from people on social media before. I find that every time I log onto Facebook that I view almost the same accounts posts every time. Twitter and Instagram do not seem to have an algorithm like Facebook, but I notice now that they definitely have one.

            My social media is not very serious. I follow sports and funny accounts outside my friends and family. So I never encounter an opinion different from mine. I will follow the sports accounts to my favorite team and they will only every post good or breaking news about that team. Obviously my friends and family have similar opinions as mine outside a few. And I will unfollow some of the funny accounts if I do not find them humorous anymore or they become some sort of advertising page.

            I agree that the decline of dissoi logoi is a major cause of polarization. I think it is obvious that if people took the time to look at both sides of an argument with a serious look that we as a country would be less polarized making things less problematic. I do not think there is much of an advantage to being polarized. Why not learn both sides of an issue and understand both even if you believe in the other side. I think it would cause a lot less hatred among people.

            Today, I think taking part in dissoi logoi take much more work. Also, that if you wanted to do this, the best way is to not take part on social media. I think face to face with someone would be the best way, but that is a lot of work. You have to go too much out of your way to be involved in dissoi logoi on social media.

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