Thursday, March 31, 2016

Passion and emotion in communication

Passion and emotion in communication
Jiaxia deng
In our generally life, people need talk with people, but sometimes, it is hard to find some topics that people want to talk a long time. For example, your parents care about your life, but they do not know what kind of situation you are struggling with right now. They may use wrong way to talk with you, you will get upside down.
Understanding what someone is trying to tell you, if verbally or nonverbally. Saying something in passion is a way to attract people to talk with you. Not only it can provide you with cues that guide the way that you respond. Whether it’s helping an anxious friend cope with stress or convincing an employer to give you a raise, you need to be able to gauge the situation, adapt as needed over the course of the interaction, and then be ready to come to some type of satisfactory resolution.
Reading book is also a communication, because the author wrote his feelings on books, it is a special way to communicate with people. Though the words, the people can remember the information easily.
If your friends seem to be feeling better as a result of your calming words, then you’ll need to know when it’s okay to stop providing reassurance. If your employer doesn’t seem to be in the mood to talk about that raise, you’ll need to back off so you can get your timing just right for the big “ask.” Thus, you must learn how to talk in correct way.

The feeling of people at the first you meet, that is very important when you communicate with others.

“Emotions rarely remain static over time. The best way to understand emotion, then, is to see it as a having this transitory quality.”  When people do some speeches in front of people, they need to use verbal and nonverbal language to tell their information.

Having insight into your emotions, being able to regulate them, and then being able to share appropriately with others what’s going on inside of you are all elements of successful emotional communication. The better it is, the better you will feel, and the more smoothly your interactions will go with those who ultimately matter most to your sense of happiness.


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