Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hilary Fails at Identifying with her Audience

The video above is the example of Hilary Clinton failing at a simple speaking concept. Rhetoricians use techniques such as identification and humor to appeal to their audiences. Using words and phrases that the folks in the audience use, makes the speaker seem relatable and trustworthy. Hilary Clinton used these tactics when speaking in South Carolina. She attempted a southern accent and discussed chicken and waffles which is likely a common southern dish. Hilary hoped that by doing this she could make it seem as though she is herself in the shoes of the southerners, however it came off as offensive and embarrassing for Hilary. Hilary has this reputation for “going with the crowd.” She often changes her views from her original standpoint to whatever is trending in society. When the public favors something, she suddenly too begins to favor it regardless if she was opposed before. An example of this is when in 2000 Hilary believed that marriage was between a man and a woman, whereas in the present she is supporting gay marriage. Some might argue that Hilary simply changed her mind or came to realization, however she had been standing strong behind her believe that marriage was strictly meant for a man and a woman up until her 50's, it is almost ridiculous to believe that after a few years she just suddenly decided what she had believed her whole life was wrong. In the next video we notice that Hilary seems to subtly mention that she is only currently for gay marriage in these political times but isn't committed.
For more of her contradictions watch this link:

If it weren't for Hilary's reputation, her attempt at appealing with the crowd might have been more of a success. If a rhetorician is careful not to mock an audience in their accent or lifestyle, then identifying with an audience can be extremely beneficial. As a member of the audience you are more likely to take interest in joining or agreeing with the speaker when the speaker notices and takes interest in the issues of the audience. 
On the other hand, an example of someone who does a successful job at appealing to their audience is Bernie Sanders. When he holds a rally and his audience is larger than expected, he makes a point of showing that he doesn't exclude anyone and makes his way to every person who came to see regardless if they didn't make it into the event building. Making a point to reach out to all his supporters is a real genuine way to appeal and win the hearts of his audience.
 As if there wasn't enough said about Hilary's poor treatment to her audiences, the last example of how Hilary Clinton fails at identifying with her listeners is when she tells is very intolerant of owning up to her own words. An African American girl was asked to leave after attempting to bring to light some of Hilary's insensitive remarks. The remark being addressed in the video is from when Hilary refers to millennials as "Super Predators who are to be brought to heel", when there is already too much abuse on the youth by our police departments. Here is the video: Hilary completely disregards her people and continues to preach about her own irrelevant concerns while ignoring the nasty words that she spoke. This, my friends, is a woman who perfectly expresses how NOT to appeal to your audience. To understand where the girl in the video was coming from, it's short but definitely worth seeing, watch the following: 

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