Thursday, March 31, 2016

Modern-Day Propaganda: Not a Thing of the Past

When many think of propaganda their first thoughts are usually related to war. The Cold War and World War II often used some form of propaganda to communicate through the media. Propaganda might seem that it was most popular in the past but I’m here to tell you that it is alive and well today! It is not a thing of the past! Many Americans tend to believe that propaganda was mainly used to voice opinions and persuade individuals during times of war. But Americans today seem to not be able to realize the level of propaganda that surrounds their everyday lives.
When propaganda is released into the media, it always tends to stick to three main themes: Faith, Charity, and Hope.  For example, Presidents throughout the years have used these themes as centerpieces for propaganda. Wilson used faith as his main focus. He used faith as a way to introduce the public to the concept of social justice. Roosevelt used charity as his main focus of his propaganda towards everyone having the right to a job and a house. And lastly, as we all well know, Obama used hope for the future and hope for a big government as the core of his propaganda.

Some say that nobody does propaganda better than America. When comparing our propaganda to other countries’ propaganda, we have been explained to be the most clever about it. It seems that American propaganda depends solely on the emotional appeal of the audience. If you are trying to convince a community of people or trying to sell something, logic and theory is not very persuading in the eyes of the American society. Good and successful propaganda is neither applies to logic nor morality. Back during WWII, propaganda was used against Nazi Germany, as well as both German and America politicians.  Even though we still use propaganda in presidential elections and just politics in general, we still use it in our everyday lives. We can use it for advertising for clothing, deodorant, products, or just about anything! You name it!  So open your eyes, America! Propaganda is all around you!

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