Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Transformation of Peanuts

Everyone knows the classic series "Peanuts" and legendary Charlie Brown and his best pal, Snoopy. We've all grown up watching the Thanksgiving and Christmas specials, getting to know the whole gang. We've all heard of the classic Peanuts theme song with it's catchy rhythm that's impossible not to get stuck in your head. The Peanuts series was an entertainment to all and started the trend of comic strips into television series, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Garfield. Today, director, Steve Martino, is remixing the classic show into a new movie, releasing November 6th 2015, called "The Peanuts Movie" featuring the famous Charlie Brown and his friends.

The directors of this film are different than that of the original comics and television series. In fact, the directors of the new Peanuts Movie created Ice Age and Rio. This reveals that the movie will be something new, modern and adapted into today's culture. The movie is based off Charles M. Shultz's imagination but does not utilize any ideas from the original series. Martino is remixing popular, known media into something new that appeals to all ages which adapts a new idea of Charlie Brown. 

The Peanuts Movie plot is about Charlie Brown and Snoopy’s adventures to prove to everyone he’s important and a winner and to impress the new girl on the block. Charlie Brown is displayed as a downer and clumsy kid in the original series and this continues on into the movie. But the conflict portrays a more realistic, modern, social message to the audience. The formation and appearance of the characters is remixed to portray a more upstaged and modern look that appeals to the viewers.

Just a single click onto the Peanuts Movie website and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Everything is upstaged and remixed from the original we all are familiar with. Viewers have the ability to see Peanuts in a new fashion. You can “peanutize” yourself, print out movie posters, watch the trailer, and play other Peanut games. The trailer is completely different than what you'd expect. Everything is more vivid and social culture oriented. The song "All I Do is Win" plays as Charlie Brown dances at what appear to be a giant dance party. Associating this modern song with Charlie Brown remixes the classic concept of Peanuts and Charlie Brown's overall character. 
Today, advertising and promotion is a key essential into ultimate success. Remixing is social evolution and is centered on deriving a new and appealing concept to an audience. Peanuts is transforming into a contemporary entertainment that will dwell in the box office. It appeals to the audience by using an original classic with a new, attention grabbing concept.

The Peanuts television series isn’t the only thing that is being remixed. The classic Peanuts theme song by Vince Guaraldi is remixed into countless YouTube videos. For example, take a look at this simple beat remix…

The song is remixed in order to share creativity and to reshape a common experience and emotion associated with Peanuts. Someone even remixed a classic record by Missy Elliot into the Peanuts theme song and I have to say, it’s a great tune.

To sum up, everything is remixed and our culture strives on other ideas for the basis of new ideas. Everyone relies on the same materials to live and create work. Derivative work consists of copy, transform, and combine. Borrowing and remixing ideas will always be essential in creation.

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