Thursday, November 5, 2015


A remix is produced when separate elements are put together to form a new piece of media that has a new meaning. Remixes are important because it shows the access of technology that our generation has to pick certain pieces of media apart and add or cut things and then reform it to make something new. Something fun about a remix is that it allows us to use our collective Fair Use rights. Fair Use is the portion of copyright law constantly under threat by corporate content creators like Warner Brothers and MGM. They don’t want us to have access to their content because it threatens a system of licensing fees that are a significant source of income for them. Granted we are, we can reuse copyright content without permission for purposes of comment, critique, homage and media literacy education. This makes is way easier for people such as teachers to teach students about such things without breaking any laws. Kirby Ferguson said that "Everything is a remix". I completely agree with this because no matter what you come up with someone before you has probably come up with the same idea weather they have published it or not. 

This video shows the new creativity and how people build on unauthorized uses of copyrighted material. In our generation many are asking where should we draw the line between infringement and fair use. The video is a perfect example of how people today are taking media and remixing it and giving it a new meaning.

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  1. Remixes are everywhere I agree. Almost everything new that is invented these days is remade from an original. It is just the generations changing I believe. Another thing about remixes is that sometimes the remix is even better than the original. but there are pros and cons to everything too.