Thursday, November 5, 2015

Remixing is Life

             "Remix means to create a new version of, by recombining and re-editing the elements of the original and often adding
material to it." This is the literal definition of "remix" from the dictionary. "Remix" also means to "mix something new." When we think of remix we think of songs. Songs are remixed all the time. If you go onto YouTube you can find just about any song remixed by someone else. Depending on how popular the song is, there are usually multiple remixes of that song. A remixed song would be considered an acoustic version, a spoof of the song, or that song mixed with different voices and melodies. For example, the song "Lights" by Ellie Goulding is a fairly popular song. Here is the original song:

            Now that you've heard the original, here is a remix (keep in mind I found over 30 remixes) to that song:
           "We’re living in this remix culture. This appropriation time where any grade-school kid has a copy of Photoshop and can download a picture of George Bush and manipulate his face how they want and send it to their friends…Every single Top 40 hit that comes on the radio, so many young kids are just grabbing it and doing a remix of it. The software is going to become more and more easy to use." —Gregg Gillis, the remix artist known as Girl Talk

             Song remixes are very known. But, have you realized anything else that has been remixed? Not only can songs be remixed, but movies and TV shows can be remixed. Ever seen the movie 'Red Dawn' that came out in 2012 starring Chris Hemsworth and Josh Peck? Well, that isn't the only Red Dawn there is... The original 'Red Dawn' came out in 1984 starring Patrick Swayze and C. Thomas Howell. This is a type of remix. The original Red Dawn was created and then 28 years later the same movie was created but with different actors/actresses and different scenes. Both movies follow the book mostly but everyone has their own idea of how the movie should play. The second 'Red Dawn' is to catch attention of the younger generations and to tell them a story that would interest them more than the "older" version.


             Not only can you remix songs and movies, you can also remix people. Ever watched an episode of Saturday Night Live? SNL makes fun of REAL people every viewing. The show is literally a spoof of famous politicians, actors/actresses, etc. They "remix" people all the time! For example, in a single episode SNL mocks Obama at his attempt to sell Obamacare.  As you can see, that is not Obama. That is a remixed version of Obama. You can tell its Obama by the background and podium. Plus, it sort of looks like Obama.

           In this generation you can remix just about everything. Everything that is old is new again. Remixing is an important element in the broad domain of digital rhetoric. Essentially, this element allows the users to be inspired from an idea, and through using different formats are able to create a completely new idea based on the new authors interpretation. Remixes are all over the world today. You can remix a song, a movie, a person, a video, a speech, an image, and even language. Didn't realize all the remixes 'till now, huh?



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