Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Could it be propaganda, persuasion or both?

Although we live in a country that permits our ability to have free choices and decisions, it is still a difficult mission when it comes to being a smart consumer in todays world wide market.  With the advanced innovations of digital media and digital networking, marketers are hard at work developing advertisements that are almost impossible to not be bombarded with on an everyday basis.  This has affected society today where everyday simple choices are not that simple after all. With so many options at our finger tips, competitors in the market place use cleaver forms of persuasion to pull the eye of the consumer towards their product. Are certain companies only using forms of persuasion? Though advertisements are predominantly rooted with persuasion, subtle propaganda is intertwined as well. While persuasion harmonizes both pathos and logos, propaganda at times can influence a stronger affect of appeal to a consumers base emotions.  While viewing old posters from the WWII era, there are specific reasons they are considered propaganda rather than persuasion.

 "Loose Lips Might Sink Ships", was a propaganda poster that directly connected American civilians to service men in the navy.  This quote directs oneself to believing that if someone were to talk about information pertaining to the war, the information could end up in the wrong hands and in turn lead to the death of our family member and friends who are fighting for our freedom and country. One technique that is used in propaganda is the ability to appeal to the viewers base emotions. During war time, Americans were fearful for the safety of our country and our loved ones who were abroad in combat. By directly connecting the words we say to the life or death of our soldiers, this propaganda is basically commanding that American citizens should keep their opinions and information of the war to themselves unless they want to contribute to the unnecessary death of our soldiers. Another reason why this kind of propaganda differs from persuasion is because propaganda is strictly aims to forward the wanted intent of the protagonist.  Although war propaganda is no longer around in main stream society today, consumers and citizens need to become more aware of the power of persuasion while still understanding the differences that propaganda poses.  

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