Thursday, November 5, 2015

Remixing: The Modern Way

The concept that stood out the most to me was remixing because I can see it in day to day life. Remixing consists of altering an existing work. There are a lot of original songs and movies in todays age that are remade into something relatively the same but not quite the original.

Movies that were popular when I was younger are now becoming popular by being remade from the original version to a more technologically enhanced version. My favorite movie when I was little was the musical movie "Annie." When I would watch it over and over there was a Caucasian girl that played the role of Annie. Annie lived in an orphanage and was luckily chosen to go with Mr. Warbucks, a wealthy business man, over the Christmas holiday. In the 2014 version of "Annie" there is an African American girl who lives with her foster mom and is taken in by Will Stacks, a wealthy business man, who is running for Mayor.

During 2014, racism once again emerged in America. Thus, Annie was remade with a strong African American lead role. Annie, remade, also had many technological advances. No longer was she living in an orphanage. Annie was now living in a foster home that was much more modern than the orphanage pictured in 1999. The 2014 Annie involved cellular phones, social media, flat screen TVs, and many modern cars. The 1999 version of Annie did not have any of that except some cars but, they were the old-time classic cars not many people could afford. Annie in 2014 did just as well if not better then it did in 1999.

A lot of music nowadays is also remixed from the original version. Robert Hazard sang the original song, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" in 1979 ( Cyndi Lauper then remixed it to her own version in 1983 ( and in 2008 Miley Cyrus took it upon herself to remix it once more( Each time this song was redone it was altered just a little by the artist. The song kept the same lyrics but each time the style became more modern. The quality r of the song became more enhanced and adjusted to the era the song was being produced in.

Remixing is used in day to day life, especially for producers and artists. It is a concept that I believe will always stick around. It keeps the original purpose of things but alters them to make them more modern with technological advances.


  1. Annie was and is still on of my favorite movies. When I saw that they were creating a new Annie I was very skeptical, but I went to watch it with and open mind and it turned out to be a great movie. The people that created the remix did an outstanding job by pulling in many topics from today's society. Not only did they tie in the idea of remixing the characters and the larger details of the plot, but they also remixed all of the music which added another important aspect to drawing in a new audience. Remixing can either make or break a movie and in this case I think many people fell in love with the new remix of Annie.

  2. I think personally that when remixes are made of movies they are overall pretty well done but most of the time in my opinion never as good as the original movie. I give so much credit to the people who create the remix because they put so much work into making it their own and having tons of new things put into the idea of the original but in my opinion the original of things will always be the best.