Thursday, October 1, 2015

Topoi used in everyday life and conversation

Over the past couple weeks, I found our readings on Topoi the most interesting topics we have studied and discussed so far. In my opinion, it is one of the most related topics he have talked about so far. Its a type of rhetoric that we use in our everyday lives whether we realize it or not. We watch it be used on television whether its commercial convincing you how much better their product is compared to competition, or your everyday sports show where analyze argue about daily sports topics. Either way you look at it, topoi is essential to everyday rhetoric especially when you are trying to get your point across.

To the average person who wouldn't be taking a rhetoric class, it would be difficult for them to recognize and distinguish how much topoi is used in on everyday lives. For example, you wake up in the morning and make your coffee to get ready for your day. You turn on your TV to espn to see the highlights of last nights games. There, you see Steven A. Smith arguing over last nights top plays. Just about every other statement he makes is filled with topoi as he tries to convince the audience that his argument on the topic is correct.

In the link above Smith argues about the use of Marijuana with certain players in the NFL. He uses many forms of Hypocrisy topois, as he talks about how disappointing it is for certain players to continually be punished for there use of marijuana instead of being more responsible with there actions. Throughout the video former Cleveland Brown wide receiver Josh Gordon appears in numerous offenses of the drug policy. Disappointed with Gordon's decision making, Smith's argues force us as the audience to think Gordon should not have gotten second chance based off his decisions the first few times he was caught.

Overall topoi is used in our everyday lives. Whether its a young child convince his mom why she should buy him a new video game, or the politicians on CNN arguing over who is the best candidate from president. Each topoi is used to impose your thoughts and opinion on other to hopefully get them to see your side of the argument. Used correctly, and topois can be used as a very persuasive tool. It something that we all see used in everyday conversation but very few of us know how to successfully use it.

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