Thursday, October 1, 2015

Memes and Parody

While covering the meaning and influence that Memes have in communication, we learned that Memes can be quickly passed from one person to another, can be reproduced according to context, and can influence how collaboration occurs between the audience. Apart from affecting how communication happens, Memes guide people by allowing them express and to experience real life and their emotions through the creation and modification of Memes.

In class our professor quoted that "Memes are culturally equivalent to genes". Memes allow people to express themselves because they are in the language of people. Memes have a sense of humor and humor is the language of people. Less people connect to newpapers because the language is not in the form of humor. The language of newspaper is more formal, comes in more complete sentences, and focuses more on informing the audience. 

In class we also discussed the concept of enthymeme. Enthymeme is bringing forward an argument while leaving a premise out. This lets the audience modify the Meme by allowing them to add to it. Adding to them illustrates how Memes are an expression of their life and emotions. Memes can only be understood when the person modifying it understands what came before. 

The audience of the memes can be anyone, but these focuse more to UNL students and faculty. 


This meme shows emotion. The guy has a facial expression of "oh shit". Many students have missed blackboard deadlines while they are out. Procrastination is common among college students. Modifying this meme allows students to relate on a personal level - the feeling of forgetting to submit an assignment on blackboard. 


Many city campus students can relate to this mean. When having to go to east campus for a class or two throughout the week, many students feel like they are in the middle of nowhere. They describe most people who are from east campus to being hicks or farmers, and that not much happens "over there". 

These two memes are examples on how memes are humorous (you have to understand the background information in order to get it), are modified, and allows the audience (UNL students in this example) to connect with the meme on a personal level, resulting in further modification and sharing. 

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