Thursday, October 1, 2015


Richard Dawkins coined the term ‘meme’  in 1976, long before the days of the internet. Its original usage described units of cultural expression, such as popular pottery styles, architectural features, or even stereotypes. These memes were communicated largely through trade, theatre, and other traditional media. Through time the internet has coined memes to be pictures and videos that are trying to say something or to get a point across. Memes have become such a major part of social media and even everyday communication. I feel like anytime I go on social I always see some sort of meme. 

Memes are becoming a main way of communication in our generation. Their are memes for almost about everything these days. Weather they are dealing with government or even something stupid such as overly obsessed girlfriend or ERMAHGERD. Memes can be very creative in many ways weather it is dealing with serious or not so serious topics. The point go a meme is to get a message across in a humorous way most of the time. I know personally that my friends and I use memes in group chats and things to communicate and sort of make fun of each other in a funny way that gets each others attention. 

There are also very humorous memes out there are really conveying an important message that we sometimes completely look over. This one for example:
You may not realize it but it is really hinting at a message to not text and drive/ do not be on social media while driving because when you are you don't pay attention to driving, which is completely true.

Memes are a very effective way of communication and are give conversation a good topic and something to laugh at. Memes only keep arising in our everyday life and are only getting better. 

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