Thursday, October 1, 2015


Many people do not know that memes originated in 1976 when Richard Dawkins, a British evolutionary biologist, used it to explain the spread of ideas being passed down form culture to culture. Now we see memes as pictures with funny words on them. We use them as a way to communicate with others without even thinking about it.
Many people share memes just because they think they are funny. I share memes with my friends because I think they will also think it is funny. All memes have a background that you have to understand to get the comedy in the meme. This meme (as creepy as it may be) can communicate different things with different people. If you had a background of posting a lot of memes and you posted this one, you could be (creepily) trying to tell a girl to "hit you up." Personally I take this meme as a creepy guy with a giraffe neck but that girl might take it as an invitation to message you. We all have a different outlook on things and therefore, every meme has a different communicative capability.
 Political memes could persuade you to think the same as the politician or could just simply make fun of a politician. Although the picture itself has nothing to do with what could be actually going on, the words make you think otherwise. The words on the picture is what makes a meme.
Richard Dawkins communicated memes as a way to pass ideas down from culture to culture and with simple words on a picture, Americans are able to communicate with one another in a rather comedic way. We are able to share various memes with each other passing them down from culture to culture as Dawkins first suggested.

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