Thursday, October 1, 2015

No %$@*&$% way

The day in class we talked about swear words an why we use them is a very interesting topic to me. Why is it okay for me to swear in front of my dad but not in front of my mom? Why do I swear more when I'm around my friends?

Interesting note on not swearing around my mom, she swears constantly, but if I even say "damn" or "hell" she's like, "What did you just say?" This is something really confusing to me and reminds me of a thing I can't stand. While I swear around my dad, I never swear at him. I absolutely cannot stand when people swear at their parents. Like, how more disrespectful can you be? But back to why we swear. As a future journalist, I did some research.

This article says that we swear to relieve pain. Which I suppose makes sense if you trip or stub your toe but what about when you're just hanging out with friends? Maybe there was a heated debate between everyone or maybe someone just said something stupid. However, they do make a good point in saying that swear words are used to convey emotion. No one is just going to be like, "Damn that sucks" without actually thinking that that thing does indeed suck.

On the other hand, I also wanted to know why people choose not to swear. This post was interesting to me because I've heard people say that they "just don't like" swearing. But after reading it I kind of understand that there are better was to put emphasis on things that you're angry about; however, I feel that only works depending on the group you're around. If you were at church or an elementary school, you would not be throwing out swear words all over the place.

Another interesting thing that came up in our group was that there are more derogatory words towards women than there are towards men. As a woman, it's extremely annoying that this is true. You can barely think of words that are derogatory towards a man, and when you do it's usually a word that implies in some way that he is acting like a woman. What? Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? It's 2015 and you'd think we'd have come up with words that are derogatory towards men.

Or should we? Maybe we should stop being so god damn mean to people and use our swear words for better things like falling down the stairs or getting shot.

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