Thursday, October 1, 2015

The importance of Kairos

          Thanks to the Ancient Greeks, "Kairos" is still in our everyday lives. Back in the day, Kairos meant "the most opportune time". Not only did Kairos mean time, but "Chronos" did too. Chronos refers to Chronological time and is more quantitative while Kairos is a moment in which time happens and is qualitative. To Sophists, Kairos was the rhetor's ability to take advantage of an unexpected time. For Aristotle, Kairos was the perfect time that the "proof was delivered".

            Now that you know how the Greeks understood Kairos, how do we understand it in the modern day? To me, Kairos means taking advantage of the perfect time to act on something. To seize the opportunity and execute it is Kairos. After reading about Kairos I realized how important its meaning is to everyday life. We don't realize how often we use it. We also don't realize how powerful it can be when using it at the perfect moment.

           In the book, it gives examples of when to use Kairos and when NOT to use Kairos.      
In the following video you can have a better understanding of the right and wrong times to use Kairos and also have even more knowledge over Kairos in a more fun and unprofessional manner.
         Kairos can be very powerful when used in the perfect way and in the perfect moment. Taking advantage of Kairos could potentially help you. Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dream" Speech was successful with the help of Kairos. His speech changed minds, persuaded people to support the civil rights movement, etc. But the speech was also powerful because of its "kairotic" moment...The timing of the speech and the atmosphere during the speech. He took advantage of the location, the time of day, and the situation at hand. From that, he gained listeners and persuaded them.
         Pretty much what I'm trying to say is: USE KAIROS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

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